NBA Fantasy Performance All-Star Break Update

Maybe you’re just getting into daily fantasy NBA, but you’ve been playing in a league for a while now or … Maybe you are familiar with Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball, and you are starting to test the fantasy hard-court. Either way, this concise article should get you up to speed on the season. We’re going to look at the top three daily fantasy points-leaders at DraftKings for each position. This is DFS, but these guys are all points leaders and so are players to keep in mind if you are getting into a late-start league.

Top-Three PG

#1 – Russell Westbrook leads the way in total DK points and though he is the second most costly player on the board, his average value per game has gotten better. You can look at the points per game dollar amount like ROI on the player’s daily purchase price. And at $5.00 per game, Westbrook is in the top ten percentile and you can’t argue his league-leading 3039.5 DraftKings points so far this season.
#2 – Damian Lillard. The Rip City workhorse has netted 2064.8 fantasy points with DraftKings and coming in two-and-a-half thousand dollars cheaper than Harden or Westbrook, but still a $4.9 value, he leaves you just a smidge more budget to round out your team. Technically, James Harden could be in this spot as you can play him in either PG or SG position. But I wanted to leave it for true point guards.
#3 – Victor Oladipo has been coming in around the middle-$8000 range. At 2054.3 DK points and 41.9 per game, this Pacer has some serious value.
Ultimate PG Value – Keep an eye on Jeff Teague. His average cost has only been $5,600 and with his 29.9 ppg, he is really valuable at $5.3.

Top-Three Shooting Guards


#1 – James Harden. No surprise here. The Beard Feb 7 price was $11,300, but he’s worth it. Coming in only second in ports scored to Westbrook, Harden has put up 2498.8 DK points has an average player value of $5.0 and has put up 58.9 DK points per game on average over the last 15 games.
#2 – DeMar Rozen takes the number two shooting guard spot but swing guard Victor Oladipo could go here as well and ranks higher. That said, Rozen has a higher value than both Harden and Oladipo. The lover price tag $7,700 Feb 7th) and his 39.5 points per game put him at an average value of $5.1.
#3 – Bradley Beal comes in number three scoring just two points less on the season than Rozen with 2051.3. However, he typically costs around $1,000 more, so his value is good, but less at $4.3.
Ultimate-Value SG – Klay Thompson comes in slightly over $6000 and puts up 32.6 points per game which gives him a $5.20 player value.

Top-Three Small Forwards

#1 – LeBron James. No surprise here … in fact, there shouldn’t be much of a surprise with all three top forwards. James is pricey, but still averaging $5.0 value. He’s also been consistent, scoring 2785.0 points with DraftKings this season while averaging 54.6 per game.
#2 – The Greek Freak. Yeah, I’m too lazy to spell it! Another high-dollar player. Giannis has come in at 11,000 over the last couple of games, but when you’re putting up 53.1 DKP per game it’s to be expected.
#3 – Count Durantula. Kevin Durant has been on the fantasy player boards for around $1,000 less than Antetokounmpo, but still averaging 48.5 DKP. Value-wise this has him about 20-cents better than Giannis as KD is worth $5.0 per game.
Ultimate-Value SF –  At $5,200, Kyle Kuzma is worth $5.40 per game. 27.9 DKP per game vs. that low cost makes him a great addition to your line-up.

Top-Three Power Forwards

#1 – Oh the swapping, Demarcus Cousins could be up here, but he’s most likely out for the season. James could be here, but we already used him at SF (same with Giannis). So that puts Anthony Davis as the top PF in this list. He had a hefty Feb 7th price tag of 11,600, but his 50.7 DKP per game usually make the spend worthwhile, especially since over the last 15 games he is at 55.2.
#2 – LaMarcus Aldridge. LA has put up great numbers 2041.3 DKP on the season with 39.3 DraftKings points per game. Again, we could swap KD into this #2 spot, but we put him in at SF.
#3 – Kristaps Porzingis. Kristaps comes in with identical recent value as LA. Aldridge has 90 or so more points on the Season, but Porzingis is averaging 39.5 per game, which is two-tenths of a point better. Watch your back LA!
Ultimate-Value PF – No real standouts.

Top-Three Centers

#1 – Since Cousins is really a center, this should be his spot as he is still the season points-leader. But he’s useless to us while out. Enter Karl-Anthony Towns. The Timberwolf has put up 2469.5 DKP this year and is currently worth $4.80.
#2 – Andre Drummond is top-tier with 2303.5 total fantasy points this season. And his normally under 10k price tag gives him a recent value of $4.70.
#3 – Dwight Howard makes the top three centers because of injury and usage other players being used elsewhere. That said, he’s putting up 38.2 fantasy points per game at DraftKings and has 2023.5 on the season. Though his player value at $4.40 isn’t quite as high as Towns or Drummond.
Ultimate-Value Center- Domantas Sabonis is cheap, usually around $5000. And he’s putting up 27.3 DKP per game and worth $5.20. So if you’re running out of cash by the time you fill pick your center, Sabonis is a solid choice.
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