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1. Antonio Brown

Regardless of the type of league, Brown is a consensus can’t miss pick. His 3-Year History includes 1,498 Receiving Yards and 8 TDs on 166 Targets (2013), 1,698 Receiving Yards and 13 TDs on 181 Targets (2014), 1,834 Receiving Yards and 10 TDs on 193 Targets (2015). We like Brown as not only the #1 WR, but also as a #1 Pick in Fantasy Drafts. It’s unlikely that this rocketing trend continues to new heights, although the absence of WR Martavis Bryant will funnel even more toward AB.

2. Julio Jones

Julio is another can’t miss pick and has been since entering the NFL. When reviewing Brown and Jones, consider both a 1A/1B Picks. If you miss on one, but get the other, you are doing just fine. Last season, Julio had a molly-wopping 203 Targets! He secured 136 Receptions for 1,871 Receiving Yards and 8 TDs. We would love to see his TD Numbers climb as he has only hit double-digit TDs once in his career. As it is said every year by fantasy analysts … We expect Matt Ryan and the Falcons to take a step forward offensively. They have added depth offensively in WR Mohamed Sanu and Rookie TE Austin Hooper, along with C Alex Mack. Beyond this, Atlanta should feel more comfortable in Year 2 with Kyle Shanahan calling the shots.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

You are again in can’t miss territory. This season, WRs 1-5 provide stud potential, yet they are not long-shots, but guaranteed focal points for any fantasy team with enormous ceiling potential. Each one of these options in the “Top 5” provide career year opportunity. It isn’t out of the question that Eli Manning finishes in the Top 3 amongst Fantasy QBs, elevating OBJ along the way. OBJ followed up an outstanding rookie campaign with a sophomore season of 96 Receptions, 1,450 Receiving Yards and 13 TDs on 158 Targets. Making up that stat-line are eight +100 Receiving Yard games that speak even beyond that. His big games weren’t just big games, when OBJ blew up, he pummeled teams in the process. Having a guy like this isn’t just a solid season-long asset, he also provides over-the-top potential to bury a team with monster games, which is why he lands as #3 in 2016.

4. DeAndre Hopkins

Remember when Hopkins put DeAngelo Hall on skates in practice after Hall was talking smack?

5. A.J. Green

The exodus of both Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu leaves a void of 1,210 Receiving Yards, 4 TDs and 152 Targets from 2015, which A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert and Rookie Tyler Boyd will absorb. A.J. Green is as solid as they come and the volume should absolutely be there this season, which is why we pushed him into the Top 5. We expect career numbers across the board this season.

6. Dez Bryant

The 27 year old’s 2015 numbers must not play a factor in your decision making this year. Last season after breaking his foot in Week 1 he rushed back without being 100% and when he did play, he played without Tony Romo at the helm. With Romo and Bryant back 100% healthy, we expect Dez to put up Elite numbers like we’re used to seeing. Prior to last season, Bryant went 3 consecutive seasons with at least 88 catches, 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns each year! With what should be a re-established run game and a fairly easy schedule, expect Bryant to return to normal form in 2016. 

7. Allen Robinson

Robinson stormed into his sophomore season, totaling 80 Receptions on 151 Targets for 1,400 Receiving Yards and 14 TDs. Robinson had 6 +100 Yard Games, scored at least 1 TD in 10 Games and had 3 Multi-TD Performances. The Jags bolstered their defense this off-season, also bringing in Chris Ivory and a healthier return of Julius Thomas and Marquis Lee. We love Robinson in 2016, but with a better defense and more healthy assets in town, we don’t expect quite the level of tunnel-vision that was shown by Bortles in 2015. That said, he’s a sure fire Top 10 WR and will finish as such. Robinson and Bortles have a young connection that will grow for years, leading to big games to take down fantasy opponents. If there is any type of regression, we expect it to be in Touchdowns.

8. Brandon Marshall

The signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick brings a huge sigh of relief from everyone from Jets Fans and Fantasy Football Managers to Brandon Marshall himself. During the 2015 NFL Season at age 31, Marshall erupted with a “Career Year” for 109 Receptions on 173 Targets, 1,502 Receiving Yards and 14 TDs. Marshall had 10 Games with +100 Receiving Yards and 12 of 16 Games with a TD. After a season like that, chances are that Marshall took a dip in the “Lazerus Pit” prior to 2015 and is hungry for more. Equally impressive is the season of teammate, Eric Decker. This situation isn’t a fluke, yet expecting a replicated season by Marshall is unattainable. At age 32, things will start slowing down, remembering Andre Johnson’s tap out season at the age of 34. Don’t be scared away by age here. There is an obvious connection and chemistry between Marshall and Fitzmagic that will continue onward and upward, as we predict another “Top 10” fantasy season in 2016.

9. Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery is already missing time in camp due to a hamstring issue. The injury is only concerning considering it’s Alshon Jeffery and he missed time last season due to “soft-tissue” injuries like this. Jeffery signed a 1-Year $14.599 Million contract for the 2016 season after he and the Bears could not agree to terms this summer. ESPN Chicago Jeff Dickerson suggests the Bears view Jeffery as a “1A’ or elite No. 2 WR.” Jeffery can put the questions to rest if he’s able to produce a healthy and effective 2016 season. The ball is in his hands, that is, if he wants an enormous contract in 2017.

10. Mike Evans

After breaking out as a Rookie, Evans “Sophomore Slumped” it up. We expected as much with both a New Offensive Coordinator – Dirk Koetter and Rookie QB – James Winston added to the scene. “I wasn’t focused in some games,” admitted Evans. “I have to practice more. I have to get better in practice with it. It just comes with repetition.” Evans finished as the 27th Best Fantasy WR  and 11th in Total Receiving Yards in 2015, despite being 2nd in the League in Drops. We expect a bounce-back year in 2016 near the Top +10 cusp.

11. Jordy Nelson

Nelson was once considered one of the safest Fantasy WR plays in the game; heading into 2016, he’s the complete opposite. There’s definitely concern that the once speedy playmaker won’t be the same after a torn ACL in 2015 and tendinitis in his opposite knee which landed him on the PUP list the start of camp this year. However, Nelson is still expected to be ready to go for the start of the season and Packer OC Edgar Bennett says “it’s just a matter of time” until Jordy Nelson is back to his normal self again. Prior to last season, the 31 year old WR has played a full 16 game season in 5 of his 7 NFL seasons. In fact, the veteran wideout has never played less than a 12 game season in his NFL career! An easy schedule with Aaron Rodgers throwing to him is reason enough to consider him a Top 15 WR this season.

12. Amari Cooper

As a rookie Amari Cooper saw 130 Targets, the teams 2nd highest (behind Michael Crabtree’s 146), for 72 catches 1,070 Yards and 6 TDs. Cooper’s number drastically dropped off after injuring his foot in Week 13 last season against the Chiefs. In fact, after his injury, Cooper only totaled 150 Receiving Yards in their final 4 games. This season, Cooper looks to emerge as an Elite Fantasy option in all leagues. QB Derek Carr and Cooper are making the best of their time together as their has been enormous growth between the two. The duo spent time this spring playing catch in parks and are now rooming together in camp in order to enhance their chemistry. “(As roommates), we get to talk more,” says the Sophomore WR. “We are in the room studying plays and we go over some of the things that I can make adjustments on or that maybe he can make adjustments on.” An improved O-Line in Oakland is going to give Derek Carr more time in the pocket than what he’s ever been used to in Oakland. With a fairly easy pass-schedule look for Cooper to make strides in ’16.

13. Brandin Cooks

A part of what Brandin Cooks’ off-season training looks like.

A video posted by Brandin Cooks (@thearcher10) on

14. Demaryius Thomas

Thomas caught 105 balls for 1,308 Receiving Yards last season and everyone considered him a bust… He finished as the 13th best Fantasy WR and that was with a declining Peyton Manning and inexperienced Brock Osweiler. Thomas says he will “for sure have a better year.” He includes he was distracted last season after signing an enormous contract and seeing his mom released from prison. The Broncos will have either Mark Sanchez or rookie Paxton Lynch throwing him the ball in what we expect to be a more run-controlled environment in Denver this season. Regardless, the 28 year old should still finish near the top in NFL Targets.

15. Julian Edelman


Jordan and Michael Tozzi were 2013's Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts in the nation. Owners of LegionReport.com


  1. buck_doran@yahoo.com'


    August 9, 2016 at 1:22 AM

    do you guys do a top 200 overall ranking? This is the absolute best site that i follow but you only seem to offer positional rankings. props to you and your site btw, cant get enough!

  2. buck_doran@yahoo.com'


    August 9, 2016 at 1:24 AM

    does your site offer top overall top 200 players? I only see positional rankings which are very helpful but need that edge. you and your site are top of the food chain for me so just thought id ask. Thank you!!!

    • Jordan & Michael Tozzi

      August 12, 2016 at 2:05 AM

      Yeah, they’ll be out soon. Our WR Rankings Part II will be out this weekend. After that we’ll be posting another updated rankings list.

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