LeBron James Reportedly to Announce at 7 PM Tonight


The LeBron James announcement is expected to happen AT 7 PM tonight. Sources say that his site, LeBronJames.com, will have the official announcement along with a national message for all the media. He is meeting with Pat Riley at 6 PM in Las Vegas before the announcement. This should start the domino effect of other free agents coming to agreements with their prospective teams. Carmelo Anthony is reportedly going to be returning to the New York Knicks and Chris Bosh’s talks with the Houston Rockets are “heating” up.

LenArtMovies produced this fitting video for the whole situation:

Legion Report has been on this situation since Saturday and their sources have been right on the whole time. Stay tuned for any new updates with this situation by following @Legionreportnba and @legionreport on Twitter.

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