Colorado Rockies to Sell Marijuana Brownies at Games


Sports organizations are looking to capitalize off the new law of legalized marijuana in certain states. The first organization to do so? The Colorado Rockies.

It’s been rumored that the Colorado Rockies are excited to sell food items which contain marijuana. Their first intended item on the list is Weed Brownies. This new addition to the concession stand is expected to increase concession sales dramatically, resulting in thousands of dollars per month. The Marijuana Brownies are expected not only sell more tickets, but to boost sales in other concession items, obviously, as the entire Coors Field audience will have “The Munchies.”

The Colorado Rockies are expected to use the very best strain of Marijuana in the state of Colorado, according to Empire Sports. This strain is featured in the Marijuana Brownies is ‘Durango Bango,’ or commonly referred to as ‘Bingo Bango.’

Hot Dogs and Beer range from anywhere from $5 – $12 in most Ballparks. I can’t even image the price of a Pot Brownie… Hey, maybe they’ll run a 50% off special on 4/20 against the Phillies!

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