Browns Look To Make Joe Haden The Highest Paid Cornerback In The NFL

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The Cleveland Browns top priority this offseason is extending Top Cornerback, Joe Haden’s, contract. Haden is entering the final year of his rookie deal, which is scheduled to pay Haden a $6.678 million base salary. The Browns have more than enough money to pay him, and a few other positions. The Browns New GM, Farmer, wants to extend Joe Haden’s contract this season. The Browns are looking to make Joe Haden the highest paid Cornerback in NFL History.

A few weeks ago, Legion Report noted a few “recommendations” the Cleveland Browns should do over this 2014 Offseason. You can check out that article HERE.

It has been reported that Cleveland will select either QB – Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) or QB – Blake Bortles (UCF) with the 4th Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Do they not understand that they cannot develop QBs, quit trying Cleveland. Since the Browns were re-introduced into the league in 1999, they harbor an astounding 19 QBs who have taken snaps under Center. Here’s the list:

2013 Jason Campbell (8) / Brandon Weeden (5) / Brian Hoyer (3)
2012 Brandon Weeden (15) / Thad Lewis (1)
2011 Colt McCoy (13) / Seneca Wallace (3)
2010 Colt McCoy (8) / Jake Delhomme (4) / Seneca Wallace (4)
2009 Brady Quinn (9) / Derek Anderson (7)
2008 Derek Anderson (9) / Brady Quinn (3) / Ken Dorsey (3) / Bruce Gradkowski (1)
2007 Derek Anderson (15) / Charlie Frye (1)
2006 Charlie Frye (13) / Derek Anderson (3)
2005 Trent Dilfer (11) / Charlie Frye (5)
2004 Jeff Garcia (10) / Kelly Holcomb (2) / Luke McCown (4)
2003 Kelly Holcomb (8) / Tim Couch (8)
2002 Tim Couch (14) / Kelly Holcomb (2)
2001 Tim Couch (16)
2000 Doug Pederson (8) / Tim Couch (7) / Spergon Wynn (1)
1999 Tim Couch (14) / Ty Detmer (2)

If had any say-so or pull, this is our opinion on how the off-season should be approached.

Sign: QB – Michael Vick or trade for Kirk Cousins.

Cleveland cannot develop QB’s, do not waste an early pick on one. Sign Vick or get Cousins. They then have Hoyer and Campbell as well, may the best man win the job. Cut Weeden.

Draft: Round 1, Pick 4 – Sammy Watkins – WR (Clemson) 

This pick is brilliant in so-many ways. If you remember, years back Cleveland passed on Julio Jones – traded back with Atlanta, then drafted Phil Taylor. This is painful to anyone whether you like Cleveland or not … it’s pitiful. We feel pity and stupidity for Cleveland at the same time. Watkins offers explosiveness that would be troublesome for any NFL Defense. Couple his talents with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron and you have an extremely potent offense. It makes your team dominant on one-side of the ball. If you remember, the Cleveland Defense is a great unit – it goes unnoticed because their offense hangs them out to dry. Lastly, let’s remember … Josh Gordon is one hiccup away from being popped by the NFL. With a non-existent running game, the Browns virtually become invisible offensively without Gordon, should he go down for discipline or injury. We believe that teaming up Gordon, Watkins and Cameron – the Cleveland Browns would be near teams like Chicago, Atlanta and Denver in the receiving game. It creates a phenomenal and young core of offense.

Draft: Round 1, Pick 26 – Carlos Hyde – RB (Ohio State)

This pick was acquired via the Indi/Trent Richardson trade. It doesn’t take much explanation here other than they have no running game. Sure, the NFL is moving toward drafting RBs later and later in the Draft. Why follow suit when you can nab a solid RB with an extra pick? We wouldn’t fool-around here. Take Hyde and fill another offensive void. With the three additions of Vick, Watkins and Hyde – that’s all-the-sudden an explosive offense.

Sign: CB – Any Cornerback

Available in 2014 Free Agency are: Brent Grimes, Chris Harris, Aqib Talib, Tim Jennings, Alterraun Verner, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Charles Tillman. These are all top options and should easily replace an exposed Buster Skrine. Joe Haden locks down one side of the field, however Cleveland is vulnerable week-after-week on the opposite side. An addition here would be an immediate jump-start to a known hole in the Cleveland Defense. Also, Haden becomes a free agent in 2015 – meaning 2014 is his last year under contract in Cleveland. Like we said, Cleveland is looking to make Haden the top paid CB in the league. Could you imagine Haden on one side and Tillman or Grimes on the other?

Draft: Round 2 Pick – Offensive Line

With the additions made above, we truly feel that Cleveland will see an automatic jump in the standings. After those moves have been made, we feel that they should then boost their line talent through the draft. Looking further, we know that the “Cleveland Brass” is salivating for a QB and every new head coach wants to bring in their own guy and do their own thing, so we expect and hope for them to use a Round 3 or 4 pick on a QB as a developmental project … ALA Kenny Guiton from Ohio State – realistically, they could wait far later on a guy like that.

Other Notable Free Agents this offseason: Rashad Jennings and Ben Tate.

Well guys … that’s the take on things. If Cleveland falls into their own traps and sticks to their consistent bad decisions, the only thing else we can recommend for the team to keep interest is to hold a “Golden Ticket” giveaway like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and allow a fan to run the front office for a season! Hey … It’s Cleveland, you never know!


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