Andrew Bynum Suspended For Having Sex With Coaches Fiancé?


Andrew Bynum was recently suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team” this past weekend. Rumors have been stirring around the Cleveland area that the reason for this was that Bynum had slept with a coaches fiancé.


The Cavs announced on Sunday that the suspension has been lifted, but they are going to continue to keep Bynum away from the game of basketball. Every NBA follower has been waiting for the Bynumite to explode at some point this season, and this appears to be it. Apparently, it has been rumored, the Andrew Bynum was caught ‘getting it on’ with Cleveland Cavs assistant coach, Jamahl Mosley’s Fiancé.

…And Boom Goes the Bynumite!

The Cleveland Cavs have denied Bynum doing anything inappropriate with the Coaches Fiancé.


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