Week 4: Fantasy Football Studs and Duds




Philip Rivers (SD) – 401 YDS / 3TD
On the heels of an impressive 401-yd/3TD performance, Philip Rivers helped his Choke Artist Chargers avoid yet another last-minute comeback.  His one interception was part of only 7 incompletions versus 35 completed passes. With his dime to Antonio Gates fresh in our memories and an abundance of fantasy points to his credit, we salute this non-Manning QB for his outstanding Week 4 performance.

Tony Gonzalez (Atl) – 12 REC / 149 YDS / 2TD
Bet you can’t look at that stat line only once! While most fantasy owners hope for their star WR to have 5-8 receptions in a given week, Tony Gonzalez channeled his inner Jimmy Graham this week and went absolutely bananas with 12 receptions for 149 yards. He only had 93 total yards to date. As if the receptions and yards weren’t impressive enough, Gonzalez added 2 touchdowns to what was already an impossible-to-ignore week.  

Reggie Bush (Det) – 173 TOTAL YDS / 1TD
It’s hard to overstate the importance of a player’s first game back from any leave of absence. Reggie’s reemergence to the top of the fantasy RB ranks was a breath of fresh air for Bush owners that forgot to handcuff him before Joique Bell took over in Week 2. It was also a nightmare for those owners who learned to rely on Bell in recent weeks as he managed just 12 yards rushing and 42 total yards. With some explosive runs and a gnarly leap, Reggie Bush returned with a vengeance and demanded our recognition as an absolute Stud in Week 4.

Victor Cruz (NYG) – 10 REC / 164 YDS / 1TD
The year is 2013. The New York Giants have forgotten who they are (recent 2-time Super Bowl Champions), and no one is safe in the fantasy world. Against all odds, Victor Cruz has managed 2 productive weeks in an otherwise nonexistent offense. Only Antonio Brown managed more receptions in week 4 (12/88yds). Victor Cruz mustered an astounding 164 yards, with a touchdown to boot. (If you don’t find that stat astounding, you haven’t watched the Giants play this year). At a time when Eli is handing out interceptions as his new business cards, Victor Cruz deserves all the recognition he can get for this week’s outstanding performance. He is the ONLY bright spot.


Kenbrell Thompkins (NE) – 127 YDS / 1 TD, Danny Woodhead (SD) – 32 RUSH YDS/54 REC YDS/2 TD, Antonio Gates (SD) – 136 REC YDS/ 1 TD



Eli Manning (NYG) – 229 TOTAL YDS / 1 TD / 1 INT / 2 FUM
Eli Manning may be the “DUD OF THE YEAR” for 2013, so it’s only fair that we include him in this list right away.  Eli had already established himself as a sort of “Turnover ATM” through the first 3 weeks, and he didn’t slow down here. With fewer completions than incompletions (18 comp to 19 inc), Eli is tossing himself into a historically bad season. I pity the fool that has to start this underwhelming quarterback in their deep league. Go pick up Brian Hoyer. He’s Cleveland’s new quarterback. Yes, the Cleveland Browns. Sorry, Eli.

Russell Wilson (SEA) – 200 TOTAL YDS / 0 TD / 1 INT
Commandeering the offense of an undefeated team, Russell Wilson has ridden his rookie hype into the sunset and has only showed up one for one game ever since.  How is a fantasy owner supposed to build a dynasty upon a quarterback with a measly 123 passing yards and 1 interception to add to a touchdown-less resume? Answer: It’s impossible. Good luck, Russell Wilson owners. The Seahawks are a great real-life team with an outstanding defense. Go get Brian Hoyer before Eli Manning’s owner does. It’s spelled H-O-Y-E-R, Hoyer.

Doug Martin (TB) – 61 TOTAL YDS / 0 TD
After he burst onto the NFL scene with reckless abandon, just about anyone can appreciate Doug Martin’s talent. He is a promising young running back with seemingly endless potential. While his potential may be endless, and his touches are many – his numbers are seriously underwhelming. Any fantasy owner should be able to smile when their running back has a 27-carry week, but the sad fact of the matter is that those 27 carries only resulted in 45 yards.  FORTY-FIVE YARDS AND NO TOUCHDOWNS from a TOP 5-RANKED FANTASY PLAYER. ‘Nuff said.

DeSean Jackson (PHI) – 2 REC / 34 YDS / 0 TD
In an offense that was supposed to be exhilaratingly effective, Desean Jackson and the Eagles failed to impress anyone in their Week 4 folly. After Week 1 (7 rec/104 yds) and Week 2 (9 rec/193 yds/1 TD), Jackson has gained just 96 yards in two weeks. Owners with a viable replacement are facing a tough decision in the coming weeks. It sucks to bench one of your top picks, but that may be necessary if things don’t turn around for Philly’s dynamic receiver. The only positive from this week is that Jackson got up and continued playing after appearing to suffer an injury early on. Yes, that was the ONLY encouraging part of his week.


HONORABLE MENTION: C.J. Spiller (BUF) – 77 TOTAL YDS,  Chris Johnson (TEN) – 31 TOTAL YDS,  Stevie Johnson (BUF) – Negative 1 YD


Did any of these players help or hurt your week 4 fantasy matchup? Use the comments below to therapeutically vent and/or boast. We are here for you.

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  1. markyshark@yahoo.com'

    mark sims

    October 1, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    Steve Johnson!?! How in the world does he only catch 1 pass for negative yards!!?? I could do better than that! – sorry needed to vent a little

    • anime.ace44@gmail.com'


      October 1, 2013 at 2:11 PM

      I don’t know, sometimes players are just bad. I think I remember a game where a D player picked up a fumble and ran it the wrong way into his own end zone for a safety. Better than negative 1 yds.

  2. Rweb111@yahoo.com'

    Ray Weber

    October 1, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    I think Doug Martin needs a hug – WTF?

  3. frustrated

    October 1, 2013 at 3:40 PM

    I just can’t help myself. Our league is deep, and every time I see the name Eli Manning’s name on my team’s roster, I imagine the endless 300-yard/2TD games he’s had over the years and I make the tragic mistake of starting him. What else can I really do? For now, I’ll sit and watch and hope that Tennessee’s defense carries my team again.

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