Miami Heat To Use Nicknames On Jerseys?


Each NBA team has a few jersey rotations that they wear each season. Typically, they have a home, road, and maybe a few alternate jerseys. This season, Miami is considering using nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Of course, the NBA must approve any changes to jerseys before any implementations take place. My guess would be that it would happen due to the increased revenue that would result.

What are the nicknames you can expect?

King James. Duh?

Birdman. Chris Anderson

Rio. Mario Chalmers

I’m not sure which nickname Dwayne Wade would choose. He went by “Flash” a few years ago. Recently, he chose “3” because of how many championships he has. Or maybe he will go with the traditional “D-Wade.”

It seems that the team is trying to make this more of a fun loving organization. It is a good idea to try to lure the fans on their side and root for them. No matter how anyone outside of the state of Florida looks at it, we all are waiting to see who will dethrone The King.

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