Sam Cassell’s “Big Balls Dance” Origination?

sam cassell dance

May 7, 2013 in Basketball, slider, Video of the Week

The Sam Cassell “Big Balls Dance” is probably one of the greatest taunts of all-time - brought to light in Major League II. The clip below is video to the original “Big Balls Dance.” Sam Cassell was the pioneer behind Pedro Cerrano and Taka Tanaka, but it has consistently been used throughout the NBA by players like: Kobe Bryant, Josh Smith, Eddie House and just recently Marco Belinelli. The NBA has looked to eliminate this gesture from the players arsenal by handing out hefty fines. To date … Josh Smith was fined $25,000, Eddie House fined $25,000 and Marco Belinelli fined $15,000. We’re not exactly sure what makes the fines go up and down from $25,000 to $15,000, but I’m sure that every player will gladly say it was worth the cheese.